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Welcome to my little corner of the web. What do I have here of interest? Well likely nothing if you do not know me or share an interest in college football, fractal art, or the video games I'm into.

College Football

You can find me deep in discussion about my favorite pastime at SportsHoopla. I live for University of Washington football and I have a lot to say about it up on their forums.

Fractal Art

I also have an active interest in fractal art. Ever since I first saw a somewhat low color and grainy image of the Mandelbrot set in the mid 80's I've had a fascination with this special set of math formulas. Classic math falls short of defining anything that we find in nature. Well perhaps not anything, but just about everything in our world that isn't man made cannot normally be reduced to a simple formula or geometric shape. What is so interesting about fractals is how close some of the images resemble things around us such as ferns, trees, sea horses, ameba, lightning, and other complex shapes. In the early days I can remember working with a program that could take days to produce a 16 color image from a fairly short zoom with little iterations. Today it takes seconds to zoom fairly deep with 1000 or more iterations in a true color format. Combine that with other formulas now being used to help shape the images at the edges of fractals into more and more complex and interesting colors and you have math meets high art. Many of these formulas change it so much that it is hard to find the classic fractal image behind it. Some of the images and movies appear to have 3D elements as well.

I have not been active in fractal art recently. I do have a few projects in mind that would get me back into it. For now I do have a gallery of some of my older works on this site.


Work and family keep me fairly busy these days. I have not been active in any video games and I have not been working on any web projects. When I find some time and get motivated I will be working on a new joomla site complete with forums. The details of this project will be revealed at a later date.

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